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AOA Microfiber Washcloth Towel

SKU: AOA-0463


Super soft makeup erasing microfiber washcloth towel! Great for even sensitive skin!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly 

Easy to Use: simply wet the cloth with just water and gently wipe to remove makeup. Follow with a cleanser. Or washcloth can be used together with soap and cleanser- your choice!

Can be used to steam face: soak in hot water, ring out excess water and place over face to steam and help open pores. 

Size 20cm X 16cm

✔ machine washable

✔ reusable

✔ no chemicals

✔ less waste

✔ lasts 3 to 5 years

✔ great for sensitive skin

✔ saves money

80% polyester/ 20% nylon

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We offer Charity Edition Collections made exclusively with one mission in mind: to give back. These collections support causes like, standing against animal testing and abuse to supporting education and more. A portion of proceeds from sales go towards organizations making a difference in the world we believe in. Learn more.


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